Tell Me a Story

Come, sit with me, here in the darkness, love, and wrap your arms around me. Gaze up and out and in and down, at the blazing light of a trillion stars, a trillion souls, and tell me, once again. Tell me a story, The Story, you know the one, old as time and new as the first fragile flickerings of a tiny heart beat, the one about life and love and struggle and pain, where all is right in the end because it’s the One Story, the same story, here and now and always. Tell it to me again, That Story, Your Story, so I can find myself in it and it in me and know, once again, that we left the Garden but only because we carried it with us all along, here in the story, Our Story.

Tell me The Story, love, tell me again, a thousand, a billion, a trillion times, gazing down and in and up and out, each time different, ever the same, until the garden within is the Garden without and we know the place for the first time, the last time, the ever time, and in the telling we will know and be known as it was in the beginning and bigending, as it is all along.

Tell me a story, love, tell it once more, of the Cosmos in a grain of sand, the Heart through which a universe flows. Tell me again of the birth, the death, the end of death, the life everliving that dwells in each heart. Tell me that story, to find yourself in it and it in me, and we will see as the Other sees that in it there is struggle and pain and life and love, and all will be right in the end because it’s the One Story, the same story, here and now and always.

Tell me, love, oh tell me a story…

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5 Responses to Tell Me a Story

  1. If the asking be so full and lovely,
    the answer must be even more than we can think.

  2. mushroom says:

    … so I can find myself in it and it in me …

    The capital S Story — capital.

  3. Mom says:

    What a beautiful poem Julie… In fact it is so touching, do you think I could put it on the memorial board in hospice?
    Everyone in hospice has a tremendous story, and I think this poem would help the dying and their spouses, and family members, remember their story, and the goodness that might have been forgotten.

    I Love You Dear Daughter!

  4. julie says:

    Of course – I’d be honored! I hadn’t even considered that it might help anyone, it just kind of came to me out of nowhere yesterday. But if it does, what a wonderful thing!

    I love you, too, Mom 🙂

  5. Bob Agard says:

    Beautiful, Julie. I linked to you in a post I just wrote.

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