This was on Sunday. This past week, it’s like a switch was flipped and he’s gone from cute little monkey shrieks to conversational chattiness. And now, he’s copying specific sounds:

Daddy. Of course – he’s the fun one πŸ˜‰


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17 Responses to Sylababble

  1. dloye says:

    Story I’ve told before, older infant. My youngest was always pretty good at entertaining herself, and babbling along. My parents set up a video camera of her one Christmas before she was “talking.” Looking at the tape later we saw her look up and “say” with the meter and facial expressions exactly right, but the sounds a bit garbled, “where’s Daddy?” He’d left the room shortly before. On tape it was quite clear what her intent was. We knew she understood a lot of what we were saying but didn’t realize she was talking too. By all means keep and enjoy the video! I hate that those VHS tapes are gone.

  2. dloye says:

    Did you just edit out the second video ? It disappeared before I could play it! Funny.

  3. julie says:

    That’s weird – it’s showing on my screen. I didn’t take it down, anyway. Sometimes it helps to refresh the page when videos are buggy…

  4. julie says:

    Then again, I just tried to hit play and it vanished. I’ll try to fiddle with it. Gotta love WordPress’s vaunted HD video hosting service.

  5. julie says:

    Apparently, it’s still being processed. Which supposedly was only supposed to take five minutes. This is a longer video, though, so who knows how long it will really take…

  6. mushroom says:

    The newest grandson, aka superbaby, babbles all the time. There’s one video I have of him where he’s going on. We were talking back and forth about what he might be saying. I contended that he simply likes to talk. I said that “he’s just like Grandma”, and everybody laughs. That was picked up, and my wife heard it when she played it back. She didn’t think it was all that funny.

  7. DH says:

    Objection, you’re leading the witness.

    That being said, that’s my boy!!

  8. USS Ben says:

    What a strong looking lad he is. I’d wager he has lotsa energy.

  9. Rick says:

    Thought I was gonna cry there a sec. Man, this Uncle/stiff-upper-lip stuff is tuff.
    Julie, these are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them.
    Couple things: Does Daddy cough a little lately? Cause it looked like maybe Liam was copying him there while he was saying Daddy – thought I saw a little smile-wink we he did that.

    And, it’s true what Tomberg says — especially in the first video with the talking. “We don’t walk because we have legs. We have legs because we have a will to walk”. I mean, Liam is all about communication and he doesn’t care if there are no real words there yet πŸ™‚

    Should send these to Bob and see if his boy still now’s how to interpret this language..

  10. Rick says:

    Woops. I mean “knows”.

  11. julie says:

    He started the coughing all by himself, a few months ago. It’s part of his working vocabulary, in a way – he does it to draw my attention, and also when he’s being a bit silly, like he’s telling a joke. Or maybe stalling for time while he gathers his thoughts. Anyway, it’s expressive, but not mimicry.

    Re. walking, funny you should mention that quote. He had his 6 month checkup on Friday. The doc thinks it won’t be at all surprising if he’s walking by 9 months. At the rate he’s going, I won’t be too surprised, either. Kid’s trying hard to get vertical…

  12. Gagdad Bob says:

    Yup. We used to call it “speaking Tristonian.” He was very sure of what he was saying, even though it made no sense to us. Kind of like Jesse Jackson.

  13. Gagdad Bob says:

    Re what Mushroom said — it’s as if they’re speaking the music of language before the words, although I believe research has shown that the babbling is not random at all, but has a deep structure.

  14. julie says:

    No, it’s pretty clearly not random. Interesting, too, is that he’s usually looking very intently at seemingly nothing when he starts chattering, and if he knows you’re watching he often either gets shy or starts laughing, like he’s been caught dancing with headphones on. He’s full of surprises.

  15. Lucy says:

    What an adorable imp! I liked the weary yawn at the end of what was evidently a very important discourse in the first one.

  16. julie says:

    Thanks, Lucy! I think he was just coming up for air πŸ™‚

  17. Bob Agard says:

    Thaks for the videos and pics, Julie. What a cutie!

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