No Doubt the First of Many

Awkward sleeping poses, that is…

He just sort of crashed in mid babble.

Sorry it’s been so quiet. I’ve had a video post set to go for a week now, but stupid WordPress can’t seem to process the darn thing. Gr.

So here’s a bit of cuteness, instead.


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6 Responses to No Doubt the First of Many

  1. Rick says:

    Cuteness.. We’ll take it!

    I love the moose keeping watch on his shoulder. “Who said that?” he says.

  2. mushroom says:

    He’s had a hard day. I understand.

  3. My brain just ‘sploded from the cuteness! How can you stand it, and not just want to stop every waking moment of the day just to gaze at him in wonder?

    *sigh* I need grandkids.

    Meanwhile, just get a youtube account, upload the video, and embed it here.

  4. julie says:

    I would do that, except WordPress doesn’t allow video embedding. At least, not the free version I have, and/ or not that I’ve been able to figure out. I may have to look into it more, though 🙂

  5. snoopmurph says:


  6. Plop. That works just fine.

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