Friday Portrait, January 14

Today’s sitter was Jessica, who was very adept at not only sitting still, but keeping the same pose even after a break. Her hands actually went to the same position, a feat very few people manage.


I’m using a ball point pen lately, which poses some unique challenges. On the one hand, because you can’t erase you’re pretty much stuck with how you started, but on the other it does allow for a lot of variability of stroke, so you can sketch very lightly and roughly, and if it’s wrong it probably won’t ruin the final image. I think the result is that my own stylistic tendencies become more evident. On the one hand, it bugs me, but on the other I guess it could be worse. Her head is way too big, which I would have tried to fix with something erasable, but as it came out maybe it works a little, too. I don’t know. Tough to be objective about your own stuff.

I had time for one more, which began a lot worse than it ended up. Not my best, but then it’s been almost a month (and seems longer).


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One Response to Friday Portrait, January 14

  1. mushroom says:

    Nice work. Her expression and the way you captured it has a sort of pleasant inscrutability to it.

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