Saturday Matinee

My little brother loved movies. He was a bit weird, in that his favorites were the kind that had some sort of really devastating ending (Old Yeller was right up there at the top), or some other part that really ripped at the heartstrings, but in hindsight I think he also had pretty good taste for a little kid.

One of my favorites of his favorites was The Black Stallion, mostly just the parts below. No CGI, no dialog, just beautiful music, lovely scenery, and a mystical dance between two lonely souls. To this day, I think they make up one of the most gorgeous movie sequences of all time.


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3 Responses to Saturday Matinee

  1. retriever says:

    That is one of my favorite movies of all time. Stunning visually. And great story. Bucephalus…

  2. Rick says:

    One of my favorites as well. Been too long since I’d seen it last.
    Thanks for the reminder, Julie!

  3. mushroom says:

    It’s a great movie. A boy (or a girl, for that matter) does need a pocketknife. The rest of the movie is high-quality if fairly standard happy-ending kind of stuff — although Alec’s character, as in Farley’s books, is strong and unique throughout. Nevertheless, the ballet of bonding on the island and the underwater shots are, as you say, as good anything ever put on film.

    Plus, Hoyt Axton, Mickey Rooney, and Teri Garr in her prime. You can’t go wrong. I seem to remember my cousins and I trading copies of a whole series of Black Stallion novels in addition to the original on which the movie was based.

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