Friday Portrait, February 25

Today’s sitter was a very generous woman, who unfortunately had a rather, well, dour expression for most of the first segment that I was drawing, at least as far as I could tell from where I stood (I did notice that a close-up version of this photo reads differently – a proud sort of understated smile; from this size, which isn’t so far from my standing perspective, hard to tell). During the break, of course, I saw that she was anything but dour, and so I tried to revise my first sketchy impression, at least a little bit. Afterward, she didn’t want to accept any payment for sitting (we pay $20 to every sitter for the three hours), and when we insisted, she shrugged and said she’d just donate it to the center where we have our classes.

I don’t think I caught her smiling, which would have looked phony because she wasn’t really smiling while sitting up there, but I hope I was at least able to soften the expression a little.


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2 Responses to Friday Portrait, February 25

  1. Cathy says:

    I see what you were up against. But my very first impression was that she looks very much like Vanessa Redgrave. Those cheekbones!

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