This is probably a repost, but the sketch is from February of last year.


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6 Responses to Rememories

  1. mushroom says:


  2. Retriever says:

    Have been praying for you since hearing of the lOSS of your dear dog. Am SO sorry. We still miss the golden we lost 3 years ago. Your description of your pooch in the previous post was lovely, bad digestion and all. I simply love this picture, such tender feeling. It is so corny but I truly believe that dogs can function as angels in our lives. Smashing, chewing, messing up the things we thought were important because God wants us to focus on something else. Show us unconditional love far mor precious than our stuff. That doesn’t stop us tallying up all the stuff they destroy of course. We want our cake and eat it too. But there’s a reason most people list the family first (after any dependent children) when listing the most important things to save from their homes in the event of a fire or flood. Dogs bring us clOse to the nconditional love of God, IMHO

    But it sucks to lose yours. Try to tell yourself he is in Heaven chasing rabbits and waiting for you and completely healthy again. Or am I just a superstitious peasant. A virtual hug, anyway.

  3. Retriever says:

    Typo: should have put “save the family pet first”. (iPhone in bright sun is hard to type on)

  4. julie says:

    Thanks, Retriever. It’s been years since she was destructive, and even then she was never anything but a love. I know she’s in that sweet by and by, chasing birds and lizards until its time to say hello again; no creature that loves so completely would be denied a place in Heaven.

  5. hbidwell says:

    Aw, Julie, I am so sorry your beloved pet has gone and glad that you have immortalized
    her with your art. My heart aches for your loss.

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