Friday Portrait, May 6

I couldn’t stand it anymore. If you want to see today’s drawing, it’s below the fold. The colors that looked quite nice on the iPad are a lot less pleasant on my big computer, so to spare everyone else I’ve moved it down and am replacing it with a nice, inoffensive figure study (courtesy of Shorpy):

I just hope that the version I emailed to this lady looks more like the iPad, and less like the big screen version…


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2 Responses to Friday Portrait, May 6

  1. dloye says:

    Wow, that is SOME purple! 🙂 I did a sign shop stint, and no matter how hard you tried you could not get colors consistent from screen to printer to finished product. Someone who really cares about color will maybe find a way to get them closer.

  2. julie says:

    Yeah – I’m looking at the ipad right now, because on the big screen these colors make me want to stab myself in the eye. I really didn’t draw it like that – the purple was cooler and more muted, and the yellow was more gold. It actually looks sort of good. This version on my screen, though, yikes.

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