Friday Portrait, February 10



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4 Responses to Friday Portrait, February 10

  1. mushroom says:

    He looks like some of the folks — especially that nose. I also like the Minnie-Pearl-esque tag on the hat.

  2. julie says:

    Hard to tell, but that tag is actually a small mirror. I think this guy, Ken, is actually homeless, either a hobo or a bindlestiff (I forget the distinctions) or something along those lines; he had three grocery sacks of (I assume) personal belongings tied to a walking stick stowed at the back of the room, and while you can’t see it from this angle his hair was molded in the back into a giant dreadlock in the shape of a cornucopia. He was plenty clean, but probably doesn’t get a chance to take a full shower much. Of course, this is all an educated guess on my part as it seemed rude to ask.

    I’ve no doubt the mirror is pure pragmatic self-defense. He seemed cheerful and reasonably intelligent; I don’t know why he’s living rough, but obviously it’s a choice he’s made and made peace with for quite a long time.

    He did remind me of folks of my own – specifically, my uncle who lived the wild life in Alaska. He of the log cabin and broken leg. Maybe not so much in looks, but in manner.

    • mushroom says:

      I always think of bindlestiff as an migrant worker, like George and Lennie, but I don’t know if that’s correct.

      That’s interesting about the mirror. I did assume it wasn’t a price tag, and it occurred to me that it looked a lot like a bike helmet mirror. I couldn’t get that to square with the rest of him, but now it makes sense.

  3. dloye says:

    Neat expression, like he’s ready to tell you something, if he can just decide whether you’re trustworthy. He’s got a story to tell, and wears some of it on in his posture and face.

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