Photo of Moose

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4 Responses to Photo of Moose

  1. mushroom says:

    In a Russian accent, Moose and — Squirrel!

    That is a good looking dog.

  2. julie says:

    Thanks, Mush. There’s a bit of back story here. Moose was my cousin Josh’s dog. The photo was taken back in ’04, at the urging of my aunt who saw him sitting outside, surrounded by glowing hose, and said “Julie, get your camera!”

    The photo became a painting, one of my better ones I think, and I had always had it in mind to send Josh either the original (which he humbly refused) or at least a decent reproduction. It’s too late for that now, of course, but I asked my mom to mention it to his mom’s family while she was there for the memorial. She did, and they wanted to see what it looked like. Unfortunately, the Mac site where my old artwork (including that painting) was hosted is now defunct, I can’t seem to find a photo of the painting (though I know it’s on this machine somewhere), and the original is currently in storage along with most of the rest of our stuff. Hence this photo. I hear they were happy to see it.

  3. mushroom says:

    Thank you for the story. It changes the picture significantly.

  4. Ha! I came, expecting to see a photo of a moose. Instead, I saw a photo of a moose.
    I love these kind of moments.

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