Alternately titled, “Mommy, I Did It Myself!”


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6 Responses to Painted

  1. mushroom says:

    Nicely done. I have a very similar recent picture of the grandson except he went for green. Warpaint.

  2. Mohican through and through. 🙂

  3. julie says:

    That’s funny, Robin – according to family lore, (if memory serves) we actually are part Mohican. Some tribe out of New York, anyway. Not that I would ever claim affiliation or go making cookbook contributions…

  4. mushroom says:

    You, too, could be a Haavaad Prafessah!

  5. USS Ben says:

    He’s growing up so fast! Nice job with the paint. :^)

  6. Mom says:

    This looks like a chapter out of Peter Pan! I also think, could be another artist/scientist in the family???

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