Prayer Request

My friend Linda has asked me again to ask for prayers:

“Tom’s cousin Eileen, has just called in hospice.  She had breast cancer, then brain cancer and now it is everywhere…on the spine and all over.  She has about one or two months.  Tom’s family is very heartbroken.  She was a middle school choir director and a national choral clinician….I got to see her choir in NYC one year and amazing doesn’t cover her talents with such a challenging age group.  She was healthy, active, ran marathons and did everything right.  But God is calling her and it is of course, hard.  We love her a lot…and Tom is busy talking with family today.  I know she could use lots of prayers for a peaceful time with her family. ”

Thanks, everyone. It is greatly appreciated.


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7 Responses to Prayer Request

  1. USS Ben says:

    Oh Lord that is so heartbreaking. Prayers for Eileen and her family, in the hope they will find peace and strength to get through this, and that Eileen will be pain free. God bless them all as they struggle to understand and deal with this awful disease.

    Words fail, so may God’s grace abound in this family.

  2. JoanOfArgghh says:

    Prayers are up. It is hard to leave, and it is hard to be left behind. Comfort, O Lord, your servant Eileen and her family.

  3. John Lien says:

    Oh man. That’s sad. Sending prayers for them now.

  4. Richard Paul Fernandes says:

    More on the way, Julie.

  5. mushroom says:

    We will do it.

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