In the Mirkwood

IMG_2007The place we’ve put an offer on is about a block away from the place that must have haunted Tolkien’s dreams. Even if he never visited Florida. Walking its shadowy trails, there is an abundance of giant spiders in golden webs. Here and there, concrete foundations of mysterious ruins poke up through the undergrowth, and there’s a big, rickety wooden tower just off the trail. It’s shadowy enough in there to be about ten degrees cooler than the sunny areas, and the air is filled with large butterflies dancing to the tune of an army of cicadas.

Then you emerge at the other side and there’s a boardwalk across a marsh full of turtles, frogs, birds, dragonflies, and probably a gazillion other critters.

So long as the spiders keep to their territory, this is already one of my new favorite places.


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