A World on His Back

IMG_2143Through a cosmic stew

continents form on the plates

turtle tectonics


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2 Responses to A World on His Back

  1. mushroom says:

    I did not know that mossback could be literal.

  2. DH says:

    Admittedly, the cross is mine
    The time is come
    Forsake the brine
    Alone with the void for a thousand years
    I am the first of the reptillian rocketeers

    Doom shins it’s bitter brink
    Its goblins casting stench to pave the way
    I’m going off to seek the soul
    Who’ll teach me of the day

    A boy will be born in the garden
    I’ll wait on a patch of green grass
    Somehow he’ll know to find me there
    And place a star upon my crust

    We’ll trace the crescent’s rim
    Pawn’s pursuit of deliverance
    My soul a satchel for musical vim
    Then I’ll return to save my race

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