Oh, Hi!

IMG_2371I guess it’s been a couple of months. We moved to our new house, and my main computer wasn’t in its right place yet. But now I’m set up, and I have the most gorgeous computer desk ever (thank you, Sippican Cottage!), so finally I can post pictures again, etc.


She’s almost a year old already. And every bit as mischievous as that smile implies.


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7 Responses to Oh, Hi!

  1. dloye says:

    Oh! Thanks. I’ve missed your posts.

  2. mushroom says:

    She is beautiful. So what if she gets away with a little extra now and then.

    I’m glad to hear things are getting back in order.

  3. DH says:

    That’s my girl.

  4. Bob Agard says:

    What fun she must be!

  5. Sippican says:

    You’re welcome, even if you have the whole “thank you” thing backwards, if you ask me.

    My, that’s a cute kid. I used to have cute kids. Now they’re large, and have opinions.

  6. Julie says:

    Oh, she has opinions. Very loud and screechy opinions, with the capacity to shatter eardrums when she is either delighted or enraged.

    On the plus side, she also has a pretty good ear for music. She can match pitches and say “da da da” with the best of them, if your boys ever need a female vocalist 😉

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