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5 Responses to Stroller

  1. mushroom says:

    That’s a serious-looking bird. Might be on his way to work. The Egret of Wall Street.

  2. Cathy Wilson says:

    “mushroom” ‘s take is hilarious. Indeed this bird is serious. He’s hungry 🙂
    (Makes me homesick for Florida. We were to have been on Sanibel last week.

  3. Cathy Wilson says:

    PS. And that is a great capture. Wish I could see its feet. I think it’s a cattle egret. . . could be a snowy, too. (?)

  4. julie says:

    Hi Cathy, I’m pretty sure it’s a cattle egret. I looked up snowys, and they have much brighter feet and longer black beaks. Pretty birds; the past couple of days they have taken a shine to walking the top of my back fence. Today, the ibises came, too.

  5. Cathy Wilson says:

    Righto! Cattle egret. I was looking for the bright yellow feet of a snowy. I can’t imagine have ibis and egret strolling along my back fence 🙂

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