A Little Help for my Friend

This week, a long-time online friend of mine, USS Ben, lost his beloved wife Patti, just one day shy of their 33rd anniversary. They have two grown daughters, both of whom live on the opposite coast, but no other family close by.

A fund has been set up in his wife Patti’s name, to help with the costs of the funeral and related expenses. If you’re feeling generous, I know any help you can give would be deeply appreciated. Online donations can be made here: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/honoring-patti-conrad-devoted-wife-and-loving-mother-/188081

Or, if you’d like to send a card, flowers, or treats for his dog Skully, send me an email at juliecork ~at~ prodigy.net, and I can give you his address. And of course, prayers and kind words are appreciated, too.

Thank you,


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2 Responses to A Little Help for my Friend

  1. John Lien says:

    Thanks julie.

  2. USS Ben says:

    Thank you Julie, and God bless you.

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