I have literally lost track of the number of times my daughter has demanded to see this today. And when I’ve told her no, she wants me to tell her the story of the ball family. Fortunately, she’s sleeping now, so I won’t have to hear her ask for Biisuke for at least another hour…

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2 Responses to Biisuke!!!

  1. shermanea says:

    I can see why my Granddaughter is so enthralled with this. .. She is an artist/scientist like you!

  2. julie says:

    šŸ˜€ Gotta love the Rube Goldberg machine fairy tale.

    I think it’s also because they are balls that are a family. She makes families out of everything: fingers and toes, food; yesterday she had all of her shoes lined up and was giving them a lecture because one of the shoes was broken. I don’t know if I took things that far at her age, but I do remember many hours spent pretending my fingers were people…

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