Hatching Day

Several weeks ago, on a trip to Lowe’s as I was in line for checkout, I noticed they have mantis egg sacs for sale and picked one up on a whim. According to the container, it should hatch in two to six weeks (from when, they don’t specify). Probably close to six weeks on, this morning after we returned from church we saw that the terrarium where we placed it was jumping with baby mantises! They are adorable, of course, and hopefully will help to keep our local aphid population in check.

We have been releasing them in strategic places around the yard, which is trickier than it sounds because they don’t like to leave the terrarium. It’s a big world out there!


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1 Response to Hatching Day

  1. Susannah Cox says:

    That is so cool, Julie! We had one living in our sunroom for a while that the kids named Potato. (Not sure why.)

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