Morning Drama

Normally here at Casa de Cork, things start off in a quietly predictable sort of way. Coffee, breakfast, wake the kids, feed the fish, start school, etc., etc.

School starts, Headmaster S presiding over the first couple of subjects, then a short break, and the kids start calling, “there are dogs in the field behind the fence!” This is a big deal, because the field behind our house is home to a variety of wildlife including a pack of coyotes who enjoy walking along the fence line and teasing the neighborhood dogs; we have a neighbor whose little yappy dogs love to escape their yard, and the coyotes especially love to taunt them.

I look over the fence, and instead of little dogs, two big pit bulls are gamboling in the shade behind our house, completely ignoring the audience of humans and dogs observing from above. To the left, a coyote watches them warily. After a few moments, the dogs give chase. They are bigger than the coyote, and he flees… but only so far.

The dogs, feeling as though they have won this round, squeeze through the gap under the fence that the coyotes usually use to go where they please. Between the field and the yards is a wash; they head off out of sight.

Then we notice Trevor. The dogs ignore him; they probably belong to the same household. Trevor sits right by the fence:

Insouciant little chap. A couple weeks ago, he tried to just walk into our house; as far as he is concerned, the whole block is his. Apparently, everything behind it as well.


Out in the field, the coyote watches, weighing his chances of getting close enough to Trevor to make a snack out of him. I didn’t catch it on camera, but he slinked around and headed for the same gap under the fence the pitties had squeezed through. Just as he got close, like a bolt of lightning the darker pit bull dashed from wherever he had been hiding and watching, and chased the coyote back out into the field. Didn’t catch him, but the whole thing seemed as though the cat and the dogs were setting up an ambush.


I win.


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2 Responses to Morning Drama

  1. shermanea says:

    You go Trevor!
    Great story!🐈‍⬛

  2. julie says:

    Oh good, you can comment! Somebody else just told me they couldn’t leave a comment, so I was just now messing with the controls. I hope it stays fixed!

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