Good Grief, it’s been 3 months?

Well, it’s been on the back burner for a bit, but never completely out of my mind. Without further ado, here are the first building blocks of color:

If you open the image in a new tab or window, you can zoom in for more detail.

The background section, just below the sky level, is more or less finished. The sky still needs a good bit of touching up, and for the rest of the big blocks of color, those are the different sections I’ll be working on, starting with the background and finishing detail in the foreground. When all is done, there shouldn’t be an obvious, sharp delineation between the different zones, it’s just easier for now because zooming in it is very easy to get lost in the details.


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1 Response to Good Grief, it’s been 3 months?

  1. shermanea says:

    It’s so beautiful, Julie!

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