Big Project update

On the one hand, as a digital painting in a lot of ways this goes faster than it would as a real painting. On the other, I have been stuck at the layer I’m on (the second band of buildings from the top) for months now. There are several challenges in the area, one of the biggest being the relatively narrow range of both colors and shades. Everything is sort-of-sepia-ish, and very few spots are particularly light or dark. Even so, there’s a ton of detail. Which goes to my other challenge, which is simply my lack of discipline and tendency to do everything like I’m finger painting, then try to pull it all together at the end. Anyway, even with all of that I am making slow progress, so here’s where it stands at the moment:

The real irony is, the part I’ve been fussing over will be largely hidden by the figure’s hood when all is finished, but I still can’t leave it alone.

Depending on your screen, this is what the actual size of the area will be.


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5 Responses to Big Project update

  1. AuntGem says:

    Fascinating. I love seeing “behind the scenes” of an artist’s work.

  2. jiminalaska says:

    Lookin’ good, young lady.

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