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The Magi’s First Christmas

What would cause wise men from the east to journey far across the desert? Walk with them as they follow a star to worship the infant King.

Written with both younger and older children in mind, The Magi’s First Christmas has a lyrical text, radiant artwork, and scripture references that bring the story of the magi to life.


Available on in both print and Kindle versions.


Cradle to the Cross

Wood. Stood. Wait and you’ll see. Christmas brings Easter because…of a tree.

Cradle. Cross. Carved ark of life. Christmas brings Easter because…of man’s strife.

This poetic picture book follows the Easter story back to where it began – at the manger. A repeating pattern moves to new discoveries with each page turn. The book is both beautiful and informative as the connections between Easter and Christmas are revealed.


Available on in both print and Kindle editions.

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