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Caught Red Headed

Poised by the scene of an orange devastation beak coated with pulp -o.o-

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Dining Out

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Duck Guru prepares to March Forth

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Keeper at the Gates of Spring

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Red-Eyed Paddler

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yin and yang paddle in sweet solidarity complement complete -o.o-

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Meep! Meep!

(Click to embiggen) Elusive quarry evades paparazzi tricks just one photo, please! -o.o- This famous fellow was meandering past my driveway yesterday morning. A rare sighting, and he is awfully fast…

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A summer’s heat flush can only be remedied by fresh nectarines -o.o- This chap (along with quite a few others) was nibbling on my nectarines last week, hanging upside down and taking bites out of them.

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Startled by unseen motivations, even the steadfast will scatter -o.o- (note: for some reason, this post did not publish when I hit “publish.” So I might leave it up for tomorrow, too. That’s what I get for not checking…)

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