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Small Woes

Valiantly, she resists the maddening itch; help is on the way. -o.o-

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Vizsla Babushka

* Hoodie for the hound keeps the ears from flapping loose she can’t shake it off. -o.o- The pantyhose trick worked for a while yesterday, but it seemed rather constricty and needed constant monitoring to keep it from slipping back … Continue reading

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Wounded Dog Ears, Part the Second

But first, Zoe wishes to show off her new t-shirt,  which DH put on her this morning on an impulse. She loves it; in her mind, it probably means she’s going to wake up in human form (or at least … Continue reading

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Caring for Wounded Dog Ears

(Obligatory disclaimer – I’m not a vet, nor am I a medical professional in any way, shape or form. Seek the advice of a real professional before trying this on your dog. Thank you!) I’ve searched for good advice on … Continue reading

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