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If you’ve tried to email me and I haven’t responded, drop a comment here. My prodigy mail has been unreliable lately.

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  1. Mary Mattison says:

    Julie, thanks so much for your kind offer of a sample cd of your chorale. I would love a copy and I look forwar to purchasing the new one when it is available in the fall. My address is:
    Mary Mattison
    7118 Wiser Shore Lane
    Lynden, WA 98264

  2. walt says:

    Julie, your reply to Zi was eloquent, and exactly right.

  3. julie says:

    Thank you, Walt – I get so frustrated sometimes. My Mom taught us good manners growing up, and it seems to me that good manners should apply even online and anonymous.

  4. walt says:

    Yes, indeed. And today’s post is full-up with interesting insights, but instead, we get to play bat-the-troll. Mr. Zi has gotten some pretty strong messages, but OBVIOUSLY, it’s all about being “a superior man.” Sometimes, I just forget how to laugh….

  5. julie says:

    Anyone who starts going on about being superior just sets my teeth on edge. You could argue that it’s good practice to keep countering stupid arguments, but after a while it’s about as fun as an army of identical cannon fodder.

  6. james wilson says:

    I read your comments on Gagdad Bob and had a response to the understanding of language in Hermes that does not affect your
    message, so I did not post it there.
    Languages do not translate well unless the cultures have similar experience. Languages are the pedigree of cultures, shape the way we think and determine what we can think about.

  7. julie says:

    Indeed. I read something interesting recently, a discussion amongst translators (I forget where off-hand), to the effect that there was more to intra-lingual dialogue than a word-for-word translation. Often, there are cultural undertones which, if not properly recognized, can foster discord where one might expect agreement. I’ve studied a couple languages, not enough to carry on a conversation but enough to give me an appreciation of the fact that there is always more being said than what is being said.

  8. jwm says:

    I have a couple of questions about wordpress that I couldn’t find on their info page. I have a project noodling around in my head- something similar to the Doesn’t Play Well epic, but I need to be able to post a series of full size 640×480 jpg’s. The small frame with click to enlarge on Blogger won’t do. I notice that your photos here are bigger than the ones blogger will allow, but they still don’t look like a full 680px width. Do you crop them. or is the size posted limited by the template?

    John M

  9. james wilson says:

    Tocqueville translates very well from the French. Solzhenitsyn from Russian–but perhaps only from a very fine translator–and yet we see other cultures, far removed, not tranlate at all. The first thing that will alert one of this wall is when a joke is completely untranslatable.
    Some Muslim cultures have complete immunity to music. Not only restrictions, but immunity. That was first noted as the Muslim ambassadors entered Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.
    That should warn us of the extent that language will literally shape what we can even think about.

  10. Dad says:

    I replaced Bishop with Mooose for my background but looking for new pictures?

  11. julie says:

    Hi Dad. Keep asking, it’ll help me to get around to finishing Justin’s painting. Which I should probably try to do in the next couple of weeks, anyway. 🙂

  12. Martin Banner says:

    I noticed on a website that you remarked something about what a rigid section of a Puccini Credo in D would sound like with jazz riffs…Are you referring to the Puccini “Credo in D a 8” for double chorus and orchestra edited by Martin Banner and published by Hinshaw Music? If that’s the one, I am the editor of that edition. Are you conducting it? Singing in a chorus that is performing it? If so, when, where, who…


  13. Mike McGreevy says:

    Now I have me replacement background and what a wonderful beutiful picture it is.
    A very proud and at the moment emotional Dad and future Grandpa.

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  15. julie says:

    Hi Chris,
    Your comment hasn’t been deleted or altered, I’ve just moved it to the relevant post.

  16. K Noyes says:

    OK- I am trying the ear trick TODAY on my boxer. As you explain, my house looks like a crime scene of blood spatter and it keeps cracking and getting worse. I’ve tried steristrips and the brush on liquid bandage but out to buy the items suggested…. wish me luck!

  17. George says:

    Julie, if you need any information for contacting Josh’s immediate family let me know at
    The arrangements are still being made and I won’t be able to make it back to Alaska, I wish I could… If you need anything let me know.

  18. julie says:

    Thanks, George – I really appreciate that. I wish I could, but I won’t be able to make it, either, though of course I’d like the details so I can at least send something. Seems like the last time Alyson’s side of the family were all together was for David’s funeral. This is just incomprehensible.

  19. Michael T McGreevy says:

    Love the pictures and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Love Dad and Maureen

  20. Leslie says:

    Hi Julie, If you are interested in having a watercolor painting of your kids done, send me a message, and I can give you the details.

  21. Amy says:

    Hi Julie,
    Found your blog when looking for a dog ear tip solution. Funny that your original post was from 2007. I am going to follow the advice of a man named Bob S. who posted on your feed, so hopefully it works for my sweet rescue Dane. Thank you for your post as it has provided some great insider info for people wishing to help their pets with a difficult to heal area. I hope you are doing well and that you have happy, healthy pups to this day!! Thank you for helping others by sharing your struggles and solutions.

    Amy and Smokey in PA

    • julie says:

      Hi Amy, and thanks! It’s funny – I never would have guessed at the time that I would become the go-to page for dog ear injuries, but even today most of my page views are for that post. I’m glad, though, that so many people have found it helpful over the years. I hope some of the advice you found there helps your Dane!

  22. Dylan Scott says:

    I wonder how many others happen upon your 11 yr. old post about your Vizsla’s ear issues and think.. “finally!”

    I’m one of them. Thank-you.

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