On Sale for a Limited Time!

As Christmas is rolling around again, I thought I’d just remind people there’s a lovely book about the journey of the Magi, perfect for sharing with family!


Available on Amazon (Kindle and Print) and CreateSpace (Print only) for a special low price (normally $12.99). Order yours today!

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A Bit of Fun


Playing around with new software and ideas.

Eventually, this will be part of a coloring book.


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Bird’s Eye View


Who knew finches had such pretty little peepers?


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Down at the Watering Hole


Nectar of heaven

the dose makes the poison good

ghosts come back for more


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At Last!

The book is now available on Amazon, here:


Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy it directly from our Createspace e-store (which gives us a larger royalty), here:


If you buy and enjoy, please leave us a review!


Update: Now available for Kindle, too!

Amazingly, even though the book has only been out for a day we have already shot to the top 20 list in the “hot new books” category for Children’s Christmas books. Woohoo! Word of mouth is an amazing thing

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Coming Soon…



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I have literally lost track of the number of times my daughter has demanded to see this today. And when I’ve told her no, she wants me to tell her the story of the ball family. Fortunately, she’s sleeping now, so I won’t have to hear her ask for Biisuke for at least another hour…

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