I don’t know what it is about gray hair, but the finches seemed to covet it for nesting material.


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An Unusual Perch



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Prayer Request

For all my praying friends out there, if you could keep my brother Tim in your prayers it would be deeply appreciated. He has been living with kidney failure for some years now, and late last night had a sudden onset of breathing problems. Apparently, he had so much excess fluid in his body the doctors wondered if he had missed a dialysis appointment (he hadn’t), and now they are checking his heart. As I understand it, he may be going through congestive heart failure. On the plus side, it looks like he’ll probably be going home tomorrow, but obviously in the long term we don’t know what to expect.

Thanks for your prayers,


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Laundry Surprise


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IMG_3291_2_3_tonemappedIn my backyard, there is a big mango tree, laden with luscious green fruit. Or at least, it was. I’ve been noticing lately that more of them end up on the ground than can be accounted for by the wind.

So the other day, the kids and I were playing back there, when I noticed a squirrel sneaking up into my tree. There was some commotion up in the branches, then Thunk! Down comes a big green mango. More rustling, then another, and another. Little bastard. So of course, my children wander over, because there are Interesting Things on the ground, especially sticks, and no sooner do I advise them to get out from under the tree than the bastard squirrel drops a mango on my girl’s head. No harm done, thankfully, but I’m suddenly very glad we don’t have coconuts.

On an unrelated note, I’m suddenly taking an interest in airsoft guns…


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