At Last!

The book is now available on Amazon, here:

Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy it directly from our Createspace e-store (which gives us a larger royalty), here:

If you buy and enjoy, please leave us a review!


Update: Now available for Kindle, too!

Amazingly, even though the book has only been out for a day we have already shot to the top 20 list in the “hot new books” category for Children’s Christmas books. Woohoo! Word of mouth is an amazing thing

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8 Responses to At Last!

  1. Mushroom says:

    If I buy 2 from Amazon will that be as good as one the other way? I am lazy.

  2. julie says:


    Yes, that would be more than generous. Thanks!

  3. Mushroom says:

    Got my copies today and posted a review. It is a beautiful book. You did a great job. I also posted pictures and a link on fakebook. Lots of the target demographic among my few friends so maybe a couple more will be purchased.

  4. julie says:

    Thanks, Mushroom! I’m glad you like it, and really appreciate the review. Thanks, too for sharing the link. You are awesome 😀

  5. Just bought a copy — will report back!

  6. The War says:

    Received the book, Julie — very nice!
    Now to figure out how to leave a review on Amazon..

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